I came across this interesting article on transformational change initiatives and it prompted a couple of thoughts / questions. Here's a link to the article:


First, the article includes a brief (but interesting) perspective on the role of social technology in what the article calls "change platforms."  According to the authors, change platforms take advantage of the large-scale collaboration that social technologies enable, but it's "the encouragement individuals are given to use the platform to drive deep change" that makes the platform effective. The specific examples given in the article reinforce the notion that attention to business process and cultural change are at least as important as technology in transformational initiatives, which is a constant theme in this blog.

Which brings me to my second thought / question. A theme of the article is the need to move away from top-down approaches to transformational change, but at the same time the authors acknowledge that "few [bottom-up] efforts effect systemic change across an entire organization."  Moreover, the authors suggest that "responsibility for initiating change needs to be syndicated across the organization." But who is responsible for driving this syndication and initiating the “change platform” in the first place?  It seems that such broad, and for many (most?) organizations profound, change in business process and organizational culture requires significant top-down executive leadership.  So, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Please leave a comment and share your thoughts on the article and experience with transformational initiatives. Who / what drove the initiative and what were the key factors in its success or failure?