A thought provoking HBR article entitled “Why IT Fumbles Analytics” is making its rounds in the blogosphere.  While I agree with much of the content in the article, I can’t help feeling that the title perpetuates the problem of realizing value from IT.

A primary assertion of the authors is that big data and analytics projects are “completely different animals” from other IT projects.  Analytics projects do have a set of special considerations (which are very nicely covered in the HBR article), but the broader organization must take responsibility for the success or failure of any project that involves technology and cross-functional users.  Perhaps a better title would be “Why Organizations Fumble Analytics.”

Just as I pointed out in my previous post that IT leadership needs to be a part of the solution, so do top leaders in other business functions (and where is the CEO in all of this?).  The McKinsey Quarterly article “Competing in a digital world: Four lessons from the software industry” makes some great points about the need for better cross-functional perspective from managers and executives in all business functions and at all levels.

If you don’t already have full access to the HBR article or McKinsey Quarterly, consider free registration with each organization to read the full content.

Please add a comment with your thoughts on this topic, and what the HBR article gets right and what it gets wrong.



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